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SHSelection was founded 1973 from Wolf Jochen Schulte - Hillen. He studied Law and Economics in the Universities Hamburg and M√ľnster/ Germany. Already when he was studying he started his company selling and introducing Sporting Goods and Lifestyle - Fashion. First in Germany and in the 80ties SHSelection was active all over the world. In 1996 SHSelection the consulting business was launched. SHSelection actually is advising Retailers to expand internationally and helping Developers and Investors in the Retail Real Estate Development industry creating Destinations in High Streets as well as Shopping Centers. Starting 2012 SHSelection has become specialized in Down Town development in cities. SHSelection is member of various associations in the Retail and City Development and Shopping Center industry.

Consulting Expertise:

SHSelection is advising Retailers in their international expansion, specialized in Lifestyle products and Entertainment. SHSelection is advising international Real Estate Developers and Investors as well as cities to create trendy utilisation concepts.

Your Advantage:

SHSelection understands global knowledge in most of the international markets, understands competition, trends and has a global distributed network of specialists in the same area SHSelection is working. SHSelection is used to work very fast in realizing targets.



Companybackground SHSelection

More than 40 years successfully focusing on innovative international Retail & Retail Real Estate


SHSelection Services:

Retail Expansion & Real Estate Development
With gained knowledge and connections SHSelection is able to provide clients with creative solutions on a local, national or international basis for their Retail Business. SHSelection is working with high experienced professionals to provide Architectural and Technical work, Brokerage, Project Leasing, Legal, Staff Recruitment, Owner and Tenant Representation, Redevelopment and Strategic Consulting.
SHSelection provides professional exclusive Agency Leasing activities for it´s clients. SHSelection works to build a long term business relationship with its clients, earning loyalty through results.
SHSelection always working with max 3 not conflicting projects at once to achieve best results for his customers.

International Retail Expansion
As tenant representatives SHSelection provides clients the following A-Z Services: Company Foundation, Management, Logistics, Legal Service, Staff Recruitment, Turn Key Services, Lease and Purchase Acquisition, Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies, Renegotiation of existing Lease Obligations, Strategic Site Selection, Demographic and Mapping Services, Build Out and Occupancy Services.

Creation and Realisation of Utilisation Concepts for Owner/Developer of Retail Real Estate
As owner representatives SHSelection is offering a wide range of services including: Strategic Planning, Development Consulting, Redevelopment Strategies, Rent Valuation, Leasing and Property Sales.

Brand- and Business Development
SHSelection has more than 40 years experience in Brand Development, specialising in Fashion, Shoe, Sport, Cosmetics, Furniture and Lifestyle brands. Further 15 years Brand Development strategies have become a key business for SHSelection, especially within the Retail Real Estate Property Market for Shopping Center and City Developments. SHSelection provides A to Z services to establish product brands or retail brands in international markets. SHSelection also concentrates on the Redevelopment and Revitalising of Retail Operations, Real Estate Opportunities and City Development. SHSelection understands and develops intensively cooperation and innovative models combining click & brick activities.

Merger & Acquisitions- Franchise and Licences - Partnerships
SHSelection provides services for companies looking for national or international Partners.

SHSelection has been specialising in various marketing fields for more than 40 years. SHSelection cooperates with selected partners to assist Product and Service Development, Distribution and Sales Activities, optimise sales conditions and organise Promotion and Communication. In assisting companies to achieve the projected goals SHSelection provides strategic marketing research, and uses all possible tools in the implementation and supervising of all related steps to achieve the best results. E-commerce in combination with High Street Retail and Shopping Centre Development is part of Retail and Brand activities SHSelection is providing.

SHSelection is specialised in communicating and projecting the "Heart and Soul" into a product, consumer or Real Estate site by using high professional partners in Promotions and Communication. SHSelection has an extensive knowledge of, and connections within, the international sports, music, TV celebrities and entertainment fields and is very experienced in mounting exhibitions and events to promote brands and show products.


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